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Tripple Hydro & Energy offers an extensive range of extraordinary quality water harvesting and solar products to select from. A wide variety of popular solar pumps and solar solutions are available for DIY installations.

A Wide range of popular Solar add-on’s are also available, as well as Systems design and Installation Services. Very popular options are our DIY range of products available through our online store. We deliver at your doorstep at very competitive prices.


Our main business is water pumping solutions, whether it is 100% grid, grid tied or off grid applications.

Water Pumps (220V & 380V)

We offer a wide selection of top Quality Brands as well as DIY options designed for easy installations. Our water pump options range from domestic, commercial and industrial applications with Brands such as; Grundfos, DAB and LEO Pumps.

Solar Water Pumps (DC & DC-AC)

We offer a complete spectrum of solar pumping options ranging from DC, DC to AC and Hybrid Solar Pumps and Solutions. A wide range of applications such as borehole, pressure, transfer and irrigation applications to choose from. Custom designs are our Speciality.

Solar Products

We offer a wider Spectrum of Solar Products for DIY Applications and as part of our offering we have a variety of DIY solar options on offer at very Competitive prices.

Water Harvesting Solutions

We presently provide DIY water harvesting options for homes and basic agricultural applications to choose from. We have various options to choose from namely: Rain Water and Water from Air Harvesting Systems.

System Design

We design Solar Pumping solutions suited to virtually every situation and are making use of nature’s resources to reduce running cost to the minimum. We can custom design each Solar Pump System to suit every specific requirement with the latest technology and expertise..

System Installations

We make use of well skilled and experienced specialist installation teams to support with your pumping project wherever you may need assistance.

Looking for Solar Pumping systems

Free assistance and advice! Should you need any assistance please contact us!

overview of OUR PRODUCTS

We offer a 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty on most our Pumps and Systems. T&C's Apply

Why Choose Us

Our products carry an excellent warranty for customer peace of mind. Our prices are affordable, high quality, with excellent after sales service and assistance.

Supreme Quality

High Quality Products and Components for long life.

Locally Serviced

We have Maintenance Workshops available in most of the provinces should there be any repairs needed in South Africa.

Competitive Pricing

Most of our purchases are online which means we don't have retail outlet expenses like many of our competitors.

Excellent Warranty

We warranty most of our products with a minimum of 2 years.

Specialist Solutions

We are available to assist you should you need any assistance with basic product applications or installations.

Wide Range

Should you need any specific product please feel free to send us a request. Our product lines are available for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


Tripple Hydro & Energy's industry leading brands.

Tripple Hydro & Energy offers top quality brands with full backup and support. 

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