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View our range of Renewable and Grid tied Services offered in the Pretoria franchise area. Companies and commercial farmers recognises the importance of prioritising a green economy and is not only in light of climate change, but also in response to crises such as water and energy shortages with new opportunities like Renewable energy and Aquaculture arising. 


Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar PV panels that are mounted on the roof of a residential, commercial or industrial structures are SSEG installations that convert solar energy into usable electricity. A PV system is made up of solar cells that are connected in a way that points them toward the sun, which an inverter then converts from direct current (DC) into usable alternating current (AC). The size, layout and configuration of a solar PV system will differ, depending on the use of the system, size of the building, the energy demand and consumption pattern (load profile) and the ability of the municipal electrical grid-operator to allow the system to be grid-tied and feed back onto the municipal electrical grid.

Main Advantages of Connecting to the Grid

The main advantages of grid-tied solar systems:

  1. Grid-tied systems are typically a lower in cost. They do not require special equipment that off-grid systems do.
  2. You can take advantage of net metering in your town as more towns and area’s are to be added in future allowing feedback oportunities. Save money while ensuring the energy generated by your solar system is never wasted.
  3. You have a backup energy source and you’re helping to improve the efficiency of the main electrical grid during peak usage times. (Note: This is extremely useful if you’re just looking to supplement some of your energy usage with a lower-cost solar system, or if there are limitations to how large of a solar system can be installed on your property.)(space limitations etc…)

Are There Any Drawbacks to Grid Connection?

Some potential limitations to consider when installing a grid-tied solar system.

  1. If the main power grid happens to go down, your grid-tied system will shut off in order to prevent energy from feeding into the system and potentially harming utility workers (note: adding a backup battery to your grid-tied system will allow you to still have power in these situations, see next paragraph)
  2. Installing grid-tied solar may not be feasible in remote or undeveloped areas without nearby power lines.

Grid-Connected with a Battery Backup – Hybrid

Adding one or several battery backups to a grid-tied solar system allows you to reduce your dependency on the grid without sacrificing the attractive money-saving benefits these types of solar energy systems offer.

When the grid goes down the battery backup system will run the loads during night time and during daytime the solar array will mainly supply the loads with the battery as supplement in poor weather conditions. The size of the battery would determine the backup capacity and potentially have a restriction to large loads. This, however can be expanded should this be necessary.

Benefit of Having Battery Backup Hybrid

Installing a hybrid system with battery backup, can help prevent a complete loss of power in those situations where the grid goes down unexpectedly or during load shedding as we know it in Cape Town and South Africa lately.

No matter which type of solar energy system you choose, you will be saving money on energy costs and increasing the value of your home or land in the long run. Plus, the whole saving the planet things isn’t too bad either!

Streamline energy savings, maximize your solar investment, and ensure a backup energy source, go with a hybrid solar system with batteries to maximise your benefits and lifestyle.

Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG)

SSEG refers to renewable power generation under 1 (one) Megawatt, installed on residential, commercial and industrial sites. SSEG systems are connected to the electrical distribution of the customer’s premises which is connected to the municipal electric grid. These generators are considered to be ‘embedded’ in the municipal electrical grid and now offers a very lucrative opportunity within this region.

Most of the electricity generated by an SSEG user is consumed directly at the site. However, there may be times when generation exceeds consumption, and typically a limited amount of power is allowed to flow onto the municipal electrical grid. One of the major advantages of such a municipal electrical grid connected system is that it eliminates the need for backup batteries that stand alone (or off-grid) systems require.

Feeding into the Municipal Grid

Currently there are limited municipalities across the country with rules and tariffs in place for feeding into the grid when installing a PV system. Eskom currently is strangled with a lot of red tape, but is more leniant to consider SSEG options in some of the provinces. 

Grid Tied Solar Packages offerred

Tripple Hydro & Energy offers various Grid tied packages to choose from.

All packages will be made available on our store pages. In the meantime, please contact us for quotations or more information.  >>>  Click here

Solar Installers

Tripple Hydro & Energy Pretoria Franchise is a registered installer in the Pretoria area offering Grid-tied, Hybrid and Off-grid solar solutions. Tripple Hydro & Energy have a strong network of registered and qualified solar installers to assist clients with their solar energy projects. Our head quarters are situated in George, Western Cape, which offers National support and Technical design to ensure the best solution is offerred to achieve maximum results and the best return on investment possible.

We offer grid-tied, hybrid (ESS) and off-grid solutions.

Switching to a commercial solar energy system with Tripple Hydro and Energy is the smart choice for your business in Southern Africa. With years of experience in designing and installing advanced solar systems, we offer innovative products and cutting-edge technology that will help your business harness the power of clean energy and achieve significant cost savings.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should invest in our commercial solar energy system:

1. Clean Energy: By adopting solar energy, your business will contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing its carbon footprint. Solar power is a renewable and sustainable energy source that does not produce harmful emissions, making it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

2. Cost Savings: With rising electricity costs, installing a commercial solar system can lead to substantial long-term savings on energy bills. By generating your own electricity from the sun, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your reliance on the grid.

3. Energy Independence: By generating your own electricity, your business becomes less dependent on utility companies and the grid. This provides greater energy security and stability, protecting your business from potential power outages or supply disruptions.

4. Government Incentives: In South Africa, there are often government incentives, tax credits, or rebates available to businesses that invest in renewable energy systems like solar. These incentives can help offset the initial investment and shorten the payback period.

5. Enhance Reputation: Embracing clean energy solutions demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. It can enhance your brand's reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious customers, partners, and stakeholders.

6. Long-Term Investment: Solar panels have a long lifespan, typically around 25 to 30 years or more. Investing in a high-quality commercial solar system ensures that your business will benefit from clean energy and cost savings for decades to come.

7. Reduced Maintenance: Commercial solar systems require minimal maintenance and have low operating costs. Once installed, they continue to produce energy with little intervention, freeing up resources for other aspects of your business.

8. Scalability: Our solar solutions are designed to be scalable, meaning you can start with a system that meets your current energy needs and expand it in the future as your business grows.

At Tripple Hydro and Energy, we are committed to delivering top-notch service, guiding you through every step of the process, from initial assessment to installation and maintenance. Our expertise in the South African solar market ensures that you receive a system tailored to your specific requirements and location.

Make the smart choice for your business and join the sustainable energy revolution with Tripple Hydro and Energy's commercial solar solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive with clean energy and cost savings.
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