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Grundfos hybrid solar water pump combo's - custom systems available!

Grundfos Hybrid Solar Pumps (Deep Well)

Unbeatable, Reliable, Superior Quality –  German Designed 

The Grundfos SQ Flex solar pump range have set the standards in the industry with World Class quality, durability and performance. Grundfos hybrid solar systems have been distributed in South Africa for over 20+ years. These systems have proven their robust durability and quality over many years and can credibly defend its higher price tag in the marketplace today.

Grundfos hybrid solar submersible borehole pumps are in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design, superior quality and price. Grundfos solar water pumps are manufactured from superior quality 304 stainless steel, combined with premier manufacturing technology which provides high wear resistance and lifespan. The Grundfos hybrid solar range are fitted with a intelligent inverter with built-in MPPT pump controller and protection.  The Grundfos SQ Flex Hybrid Solar range can be driven by Solar or 220V Single phase input. Various control functionality can be combined with the Grundfos systems to accommodate most pumping applications needed.

The Grundfos Hybrid Solar range is the ultimate option when durability and quality is what you are looking for!

Grundfos Hybrid Solar Pumps | Grundfos Hybrid Solar Pumps South Africa

Grundfos Solar Pump Combo's

High performance submersible hybrid solar pump combo’s, ideal for off-grid and hybrid applications. The Grundfos SQ Flex range are capable of being submerged up to 150m under water.

Omega 4 Solar Pump Combo comes with the following:

The High performance submersible DC/AC Grundfos solar pump combo is ideal for off-grid applications.

Fitted with a Grundfos 1,1 or 1,4kW MSF 3 Motor which offers flexible power range and can operated with either DC or AC power:

The MSF 3 motor has been developed with a view to high reliability which is achieved through the following features:

• carbon/ceramic bearings • excellent starting capabilities • various protection facilities

The protective circuit incorporated in the motor electronic unit cuts out the pump in case of dry running or similar situations like over temperature,

The wide voltage range enables the motor to operate at any voltage from 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC. This makes installation and sizing very easy.

The built-in electronic unit gives the SQ Flex system a number of advantages compared to conventional products. One of these advantages is the built-in microprocessor with MPPT. Thanks to the MPPT function, the pump’s duty point is continuously optimised according to the input power available. MPPT is only available for pumps connected to DC supply.

The flow levels on the Grundfos SQ Flex pump range is flexible dependent the well depth and panel configuration.

Warranty - 2 Years - Terms & Conditions Apply

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Helical Rotor Range
2500 - 300 Litre/Hour
Max Head - 220m

Grundfos Solar Pumps South Africa
  • Superior Quality
  • Oil Cooled AC Motor
  • Built-in MPPT Controller
  • Long Lifetime
  • Excellent Warranty

Impeller Range
25 000 - 2500 Litre/Hour
Max Head - 60m

  • Superior Quality
  • Oil Cooled DC Motor
  • Built-in MPPT Controller
  • Long Lifetime
  • Excellent Warranty
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