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DAB 4OL Borehole Pump Motor & Controller 0.55kW (Single Phase)

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DAB Borehole Pumps
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Brand: 4SR Series Borehole Pump System

DAB 4OL Oil Filled Borehole Pump Motor & Controller 0.55kW (Single Phase)

DAB 4″ submersible asynchronous two-pole electric motor made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel for the parts in contact with water. Cooling and lubrication of ball bearings is assured by a special FDA approved coolant. Stater housed in a AISI 304L stainless steel casing fixed with steel pins to the upper support of the motor. The cable connector is removable for the purpose of quick and easy maintenance. The cable is ACS, WRAS and KTW certified. The motor is suitable for use with variable frequency drives (30Hz – 50Hz). For the single-phase version, the capacitor and manually re-settable overload protection are available within the pump controller available seperately.

*The DAB Motor is supplied with the Control Box

The pump (Wet-End) options available are listed below and can be selected on checkout before payment is required.


  • Flanging: NEMA 4″.
  • Insulation class: F.
  • Protection class: IP68.
  • Cooling flow speed: min. 0,3 m/s 35 °C.
  • Power supply tolerance: + 6 % / -10 %.
  • Max. starts: 20/h.
  • Max operating depth: 250 m.
  • Horizontal operation: 0,5 HP – 10 HP.

DAB S4 Wet End Description

  • Cost-effective construction ensures low cost, high efficiency, better performance and reliability.
  • Abrasion resistant construction, floating impellers ensure optimum resistance to abrasion.
  • The delivery port and suction support are made of precision-cast stainless steel, guarantee resistance to corrosion, durability and a sturdy coupling to the motor.
  • The hexagonal pump shaft guarantees an effective impeller driving.
  • A non-return valve is fitted at the discharge to prevent back flow of water and alleviate water hammer to the pump, thus safeguarding impellers and diffusers which are made from ABS material.

Hydraulic Part Flow Diagrams (Pump)






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Controller Box Specifications

  • Control panel for DIVER single-phase pump
  • Housing in shockproof thermoplastic with two cable clamps
  • Luminous 2-pole main switch (power ON)
  • Protection rating: IP 43
  • Starter capacitor
  • Thermal cut-out protection with external manual reset

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