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DAB ESYBOX Max 60/120 (Three Phase)

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Brand: AJm60 Self Priming Jet Pump
DAB ESYBOX MAX 60/120 (Three Phase)
An integrated pumping system for pressurization in commercial building service. Available in two power sizes, it consists of modular elements that allow different configurations. Each unit consists of the single, double or triple connection base and the pumping units; a four-pumps system is available with the additional kit to connect two double bases. The modular construction allows to assemble the pumping groups directly at the installation site (O.S.A. concept). The silence and compactness of dimensions allow installation in all rooms, even inhabited.


  • Flow rate: Up to 290 l/min (Single pump unit)
  • Head: 96 m
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 55 °C
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 5 bar
  • Operation pressure: 12 bar
  • Maximum differential pressure: 6,7 bar
  • Constant pressure range: 1-12 bar (3 bar by default)
  • Motor protection class: IP X5
  • Motor insulation class: F
  • Impeller material: Technopolymer with steel wear rings
  • Three phase power input: 380-480V 50/60Hz
  • Type of installation: Fixed in vertical position

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