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DAB K 40/800 T Centrifugal Pump 9.2kW

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Brand: AJm60 Self Priming Jet Pump

DAB K 40/800 Centrifugal Pump

DAB Single-impeller centrifugal pump suitable for domestic, civil, industrial and agricultural systems, and for decanting, mixing and irrigation uses. DAB centrifugal pumps are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to provide a consistent supply of water for various purposes, such as drinking, showering, and washing. They are also used in agriculture for irrigation systems to distribute water to crops, ensuring proper hydration for plant growth.


  • Operating range: from 1,8 to 96 m3/h, with head up to 62 metres.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (1000 kPa)
  • Liquid temperature range: from -15°C to +110°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C

Constructional features of the motor

  • Induction motor, closed and cooled with external ventilation.
  • Rotor mounted on oversized greased sealed-for-life ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life.
  • Built-in thermal and current overload protection and a capacitor permanently in circuit in the single-phase version.
  • Three-phase motors should be protected with a suitable overload protection complying with the regulations in force.
  • Manufactured according to CEI 2-3 standards.
  • Motor protection: IP44 (IP 55 for motor to 2,2 – 3 – 4 – 5,5 – 7,5 – 9,2 – 11 kW)
  • Terminal box protection: IP55
  • Insulation class: F
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