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Tesk PMC Booster Pump 0.9kW

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TRIPPLE HYDRO & ENERGY: Tesk Booster Pumps

Tesk PMC Booster Pump 0.9kW

Essentially, it’s a residential pressure boosting system equipped with built-in variable speed technology, ensuring consistent pressure throughout the pipeline—an innovation in its own league!

Introducing an innovative solution for residential water pressure enhancement: the Tesk Booster Pump is equipped with advanced variable speed technology, setting a new standard for performance and reliability. Say goodbye to fluctuating water pressure issues and hello to consistent flow throughout your entire pipeline. Whether you’re showering, doing laundry, or running multiple taps simultaneously, the Tesk Booster Pump ensures optimal pressure levels at all times. Experience the difference with state-of-the-art technology, designed to deliver unparalleled convenience and comfort in your home.

Water Technology

The pump incorporates a permanent magnet brushless motor, imported chip, and high-precision pressure sensor. These components, along with advanced electronic control technology, enable intelligent frequency conversion, constant voltage speed regulation, and energy-efficient operation. Setting it up is remarkably simple—no professional expertise required; anyone can do it. Enjoy the luxurious ambiance of a star hotel with this high-tech product.


  • Low Noise
  • Super Suction
  • Wide Voltage
  • High Efficiency / Energy-Saving
  • Intelligent / Efficiency Constant Pressure
  • Environment Protection
  • Up to 8 Pumps Connected in series

Technical Data

  • Power Range 0.9Kw
  • Max. Head (m) 56
  • Rated Head (m) 30
  • Max. Flow (m3/h) 8,5
  • Rated Flow (m3/h) 4
  • Max. Speed (rpm) 4000

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