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VEICHI Si30 Solar VSD Conversion Kits (380V 3Ph)

Introducing the WEG Si30 Solar VSD Conversion Kits, revolutionizing the way you power your pumping systems. These innovative kits seamlessly convert three-phase DC to AC solar energy, driven by a single to three-phase solar VSD Drive equipped with an integrated MPPT (maximum power point tracker). This cutting-edge technology optimizes DC input, ensuring maximum power output for your pumping needs.

The solar VSD Drive efficiently converts DC power generated from PV Modules into three-phase 380V AC power, suitable for driving a wide range of Three Phase AC pumping systems, whether submersible or surface pumps, ranging from 0.37kW to 15kW. With the integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function, the system’s efficiency is significantly enhanced, allowing for precise adjustment of motor speed and startup voltages to meet specific speed and pressure requirements.

Experience improved system performance and overall efficiency with the WEG Si30 Solar VSD Conversion Kits. Say goodbye to traditional energy constraints and embrace sustainable solar power for your pumping solutions.

VEICHI 380 Volt Three Phase VSD Combo’s

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