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Vestwoods 100Kw Commercial Energy Storage Solution

Solar Energy Storage System
Product Details
Brand : Vestwoods

Inverter 100kW with 215kWh Battery Bank – Complete System (Plug and Play) (Please request quotation)

To provide users with clean and intelligent industrial and commercial ESS.

  • Flexible and can easily be expanded
  • All-in-one design for ease of installation
  • Cloud based monitoring capabilities and support

Model VCS768-100K
PV Input
  • Rated PV power 100KW
  • Max. PV power 110KW
  • PV voltage range 200~1000V(500~900V Full load)
  • Max. PV input current 110A
AC Output
  • Rated AC power 100KW
  • Max. AC output power 110KW
  • PCS output voltage 400V AC
  • Nominal output frequency 50~60Hz
  • Rated AC current 114A
  • Back-up time 30ms
  • Max.efficiency 97.3%
  • Grid connection type 3W+N+PE / 3W+PE
Fire System
  • Smoke alarm smoke transducer
  • Aerosol fire extinguisher Capacity:3Kg
  • Oxidizing agent FM200 or NC1230
Battery System
  • System capacity 215.04KWh
  • Nominal capacity 280Ah
  • Nominal voltage 768V
  • Battery operating voltage range 672V~852V
  • Max. charge/discharge current 150A DC
General Parameter
  • Cooling concept By air cooling, air conditioning or heat exchanger
  • Noise emission <70dB
  • Relative humidity 0~95% RH
  • Ingress protection degree IP54
  • Operating temperature range -20℃~+60℃
  • Display LCD
  • Altitude Max. 4000m
  • Communication interface RS485,CAN,Network,Dry contact
  • Isolation type Non-isolated (optional transformer)


Dimensions 1800 x 1200 x 2300mm
Weight 2800Kg


Warranty 5 Years / 10 Years (Optional)

Terms & Conditions apply.

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