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WEG 30kW Combo-1 (Three-Phase)

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Brand: Weg

WEG 30kW Combo-1 (Three-Phase)

Embark on a journey towards optimal energy management with the WEG 30kW three-phase high-voltage inverter, expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate with 3 x 10kWh WEG batteries and 45 x 550W solar panels. Embrace a smooth transition towards finely-tuned power generation and consumption, guaranteeing that each watt is employed with meticulous precision and purpose. This revolutionary integration transcends conventional energy supply – it reshapes your energy dynamics, cultivating heightened efficiency and sustainability throughout.


  • 1 x 30kW Three-Phase HV Inverter
  • 3 x 10kWh HV Batteries
  • 45 x 550W Solar Panels

Note: Product details of the components are available under the product categories. For adjustments on battery sizing please contact our sales office for assistance and costing.

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Here is a video about the WEG Solar Range

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